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Kunta Kinte was a Mandinka warrior from the African village of Juffere. His parents were Omoro Kinte and Binta Kinte. Kunta is the central character of the miniseries. He married Bell Reynolds and had a daughter with her. He named her Kizzy, which means "stay put" in African. So began a long line of ancestors that would eventually rise to freedom.

Early life

Kunta was born in Gambia, West Africa, in 1750. Even as a young man, Kunta was brave, driving off a leopard with his slingshot in one scene. When he reached fifteen rains (Mandinkan years), Kunta was enlisted in manhood training, a series of tests that would ensure that by the time he left, he would be a man. At the suggestion of Nyo Boto, his grandmother, Kunta set off into the forest to find wood with which to build a drum with for his brother Lamin. As he had entered the forest alone, Kunta was captured by slave-traders and put aboard the slave ship Lord Ligonier.

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