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The Original Fiddler


A 4th generation slave, Fiddler knew his ancestors way to America. Fiddler tells Toby that one day, his great-great-great grandma was remodeling their house and 5 English slave holders are there. They capture Fiddler's great-great-great-great grandmother and sell her into slavery. She was only 19 years old. She saw her dad working for the English and Fiddler says that her dad was there for the money that the English gave him. Fiddler is of Mali descent.  

Fiddler was born in North Carolina and his name was Henry. At 27, he was sold, after his mother died, to another planter. Then he was sold to John Waller. Henry was an expert at the violin so he was renamed Fiddler.  

Roots: Before Kunta Kinte  

Henry was born in 1726, way before Kunta Kinte was born. He was born in North Carolina and as a young boy, he had a harsh life. When he was 10, his master made him sleep in the dirt because Henry wasn't doing what the master told him to do. Henry wanted to know, why is he a slave? Finally, at 16 years old, Henry's mother was whipped and sold to a Maryland Planter. Henry attempted to escape to Maryland but 7 slave watchers captured him. His master would lock him up and give him horrible conditions for 3 days. Henry asked his grandmother, where is he from? His grandmother tells him that "One day, Fatou (Henry's ancestor) was born in the Southern west of Mali. Her family were not that poor but her father was a soldier and secretly a slave trader for wealth and guns from the English. She says that Fatou was almost enslaved at 17 but took the person's gun and shot him and sucessfully running away. Her mother never allows her out of the house and can only come out of the house in the village. 3 years later, at 19 years old, Fatou doesn't listen to her mtoher and doesn't listen to her when she wants to build for Amadou, her love. However, her mother doesn't want her to be enslaved and could be dead if Amadou is around her because he's a soldier for the tribe. While she is building the house, 3 english men kidnap her and on shore, she sees her father and yells for him. All this time, her father was in debt and needed to pay it off by selling his daughter to the Colonies. Her father says that he has killed Amadou. Then, began her life in America.  

Roots: Before Kunta Kinte, 1761  

Henry is now 35 years old and a expert at the violin. He is on the Waller farm for 13 years, after his grandmother died. They rename him Fiddler.